Hazy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Hazy:

The trees below merged into a hazy carpet of gray, as if a great fog had lifted from the Ohio.

That references the 2019 Oscars and reminds that the hazy nature of awards might only deepen our obsession with them.

That figure is still a bit hazy, given that there are states in which people can register on Election Day itself.

Dust expelled from previous generations of stars makes the whole galaxy—and especially the center—look hazy, and supernovae on the other side of the disk might be hard to see from Earth.

Information on outbreaks linked to gyms paints a hazy picture.

The horizon, however, was lowering and hazy, and the sun had not force enough to tear the murky veil asunder.

Ruth Wesmacott rode back like one in a dream, with vague and hazy notions of what she saw or did.

The sun had dipped behind the peaks by this time, and the great hollow was growing dim and hazy.

You behold as a hazy vision what I have contemplated for a long time, until it is clearly outlined, thoroughly thought out.

The hazy light showed his face upward to the skies, his breast rising and falling in a heavy, luxurious sleep.