Headed [adjective]

Definition of Headed:

in transit

Synonyms of Headed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Headed:

Sentence/Example of Headed:

These crossovers are just the start of a rising trajectory to combat the multi-headed Hydra that’s aging.

Instead, we are more inclined to believe their ideas are not just wrong-headed but dangerous.

You need talented people with different skills, a level-headed leader and patience for initial failures.

In recent years, Tara started a multi-headed political hydra, an organization called Acronym.

Bryson says she has witnessed plenty of muddle-headed thinking in boardrooms and governments because people there have a sci-fi view of AI.

But he forgot the stagnant town, the bald-headed man at the club window, the organ and "The Manola."

But the nasty part of the whole thing was, that Haggard had won eleven thousand pounds from a weak-headed boy.

The pig-headed prowler I saw, with my pompon missing from his shoe, and his bonne amie wearing the stolen ring.

She wondered if he would take his youth in his bald-headed season, like the self-made American millionaire.

They divested themselves of their coats and vests, and, bare-headed, each advanced to receive his weapon.