Headfirst [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Headfirst:

I retrieved a half-walnut from the pocket reserved for her, and she climbed down headfirst, scooped up the nut, and began to munch.

The country has barreled headfirst into a major political confrontation with China, its chief trading partner, that could potentially cost Australian wine exporters their single largest market.

Now, what do you think of tumbling headfirst into the center of the disturbance like this?

What a surprise it would be to an intruder were he literally to fall into our camp headfirst.

Over it went instantly, and there was a flash of red and blue as the girl was flung headfirst into the river.

Smooth as a fishing loon, the pup went down headfirst and straight to his objective.

The painted warrior shot headfirst into the water and dropped as though he had been a stone.

B is plunging down headfirst from the same astronomical signs and is brandishing the hatchet.

Lorraine ducked, stumbled and fell headfirst over a hummock, not quite sure that she had not been shot.

Tom leaned over one of the hogsheads and suddenly let himself go into it headfirst.