Headiest [adjective]

Definition of Headiest:

thrilling, intoxicating

Synonyms of Headiest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Headiest:

Sentence/Example of Headiest:

It’s a heady time for startups making vehicles powered by anything other than hydrocarbons, and the SPAC wave has hit it hard.

This super-simple recipe wraps a heady mix of coffee, pecans and dates in chocolate.

The brief, heady rally made traders sit up and buy GameStop stock the world over.

The company is targeting the public markets at a particularly heady time for new offerings, with investors embracing venture-backed IPOs throughout late 2020 and the start of 2021.

To those of us who made our way through rush-hour traffic on the Beltway to Landover and the no-longer-standing Capital Centre, those were heady times.

The company has a compelling Silicon Valley origin story, and revolutionizing the use of databases seems like pretty heady stuff.

It’s a very heady and complex topic and should not get the typical “header and a bit of content” treatment.

That’s a pretty heady explanation, but the results speak for themselves.

That’s heady company for a guy who ranked 24th in ESPN’s signature metric both of the past two seasons.

The wine was good and cheap, but, unfortunately, it had the objectionable quality of being heady.