Headings [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Headings:

If they’ve now crystallized for Hand as a product of decreased velocity, that seems like a positive heading into the second half of his career.

You might also want to pick Text only under Change what you hear, otherwise the narration will include all the menus and window headings.

Searchers like to skim headings to determine whether an article is one with which they want to engage.

“There’s all sorts of ways to set and maintain a heading,” says marine biologist Nathan Putman, who studies navigation in sea turtles and salmon.

In “Parklandia,” they share tips, history and comic pratfalls under such clever headings as “The Mary-Kate and Ashley of Arches National Park” and “Abe Lincoln Is the Beyoncé of Gettysburg National Military Park.”

As Susan tells us, “he could have spelled out the name of the killer in the chapter headings.”

Ideally, you’ll add this heading as close to the top of your content as possible.

Which only reinforces the need for a strong, clear heading structure.

For example, PPC specialists can provide keywords and ideas for optimized headings and subheadings for attracting traffic.

And seeing this bunch is heading right toward us, we might as well take it easy here till they come up.