Headlights [noun]

Definition of Headlights:

optical organ of an animate being

Synonyms of Headlights:

Opposite/Antonyms of Headlights:


Sentence/Example of Headlights:

We stood on its head for several minutes, watching tiny headlights pierce the twilight below.

Base models boast LED headlights, heated outside mirrors and smartphone compatibility.

Hospitals have frozen, like deer in the headlights, and put in place questionable policies.

The larger model, which is slated to have working headlights and taillights, sold out within hours.

The teal color is a nice touch, as are the lighted headlights.

Out of the dark ahead, Harmon saw a pair of headlights headed directly at him.

Away off to the southwest a bright light showed briefly—the headlight of a Santa Fe train, he guessed it must be.

One of the men stood on the track waving the red lantern; we could see him plainly in the glare of the headlight.

Close below the headlight was a moving shadow they finally made out as company men, they could not tell how many.

As the train rolled up, the headlight flashing far down the track and the steam hissing from the engine, I turned weak all over.