Headlines [noun]

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Virginia made national headlines in the Presidential election of 1928.

Newspaper headlines are usually attractive enough, but shamefully untruthful.

Billie, much bewildered, turned to Kit as for help, but the slender hand of Doña Jocasta reached out pointing to the headlines.

The "scare" headlines are set forth in letters three inches in height.

The Honourable Mr. Marchand mopped his brow and read the startling headlines again.

Thus, light-hearted gossip, which talks in headlines, and recks little of the subtler issues of life.

He knew little of the men and women who figured therein; even less of the events which called for big type and immense headlines.

One glance at the headlines had told him to whom they referred, and the paragraph that followed was still more explicit.

The letters were swimming before him; he could only vaguely distinguish the black capitals and the headlines; the rest was a blur.

At every street corner newsboys shouted the latest headlines—that the publisher had been missing nearly twenty-four hours.