Headpiece [noun]

Definition of Headpiece:

covering for the head

Synonyms of Headpiece:

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Sentence/Example of Headpiece:

The headpiece characteristic of the Norman Conquest is the conical nasal Helm.

The usual form of helmet in the twelfth century is the cup-shaped headpiece of which the Cervellire is a typical example (Fig. 7).

Further on we read, now the feathers you may peradventure find, but the headpiece for the most part is laid aside.

Hildebrand has the watch on the tower—a heavy-headed knave, who holds a can of ale to be the best headpiece upon a night-watch.

The bow-man pulled back the bolt of the door, and thrust out the headpiece at the end of the bow.

In a bequest of William Langford, 1411, is a headpiece covered with red velvet, and actual specimens so covered are not unknown.

I will cure your hacking cough, when I chop your headpiece off!

Characteristic of his art is the headpiece shown on this page.

The sun when it is nearly down shines on the headpiece and it dazzles and glistens like a big star; it looks quite curious.

It will be seen that it only consists of a headpiece, breast and back plates, and a long gauntlet to protect the bridle arm.