Headroom [noun]

Definition of Headroom:

room, scope

Synonyms of Headroom:

Opposite/Antonyms of Headroom:

Sentence/Example of Headroom:

Also — importantly — if Measure E passes, it would give the Sports Arena redevelopment a lot more headroom.

In order to get headroom there is 'trunk' 'rise' on the deck, as shown on the cross-section drawing, 18 in.

Plenty of headroom has always been my cry; I believe that where it is attended to there is very rarely an accident.

A light airy greenhouse is their proper place, and they must have ample headroom.

It has more headroom, and therefore easier working facilities.

Moreover, we knew that barges of that size seldom have more headroom.

This roof was level with the bank of the hedge and gave about four feet of headroom.

Lower centre of gravity of the machinery as a whole, and increased headroom above the machinery.

The result was a pleasant airy compartment with headroom even for Roger.

The headroom between the subway roof and the surface of the street was 4.75 feet.