Headset [noun]

Definition of Headset:

state of mind; intelligence

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Sentence/Example of Headset:

Those figures complement sales of the Oculus Quest 2 headset released in October.

The dream of VR, after all, is getting the traditional gaming experiences players know and love to work in headsets, to up the immersion.

A final word on the best VR gamesSo, now you’re ready to get back out onto the internet, order your next game, polish off your headset, and get pumped to play.

If you’re looking to explore virtual reality with a gaming headset, before making your purchase, take a look at the considerations below.

Then last year, the company introduced a virtual reality headset called the Mirage VR 3 that is similar to Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 or HTC’s Vive.

Ruppert said her seizure began after viewing a sequence in the game in which the player’s character puts on a headset that flashes lights rapidly on the screen.

Finally, when not needed you can turn off Bluetooth connectivity and unplug accessories like headsets.

Alienware was acquired by Dell as a subsidiary in 2006 and has become their premier gaming branding producing mice, monitors, keyboards, headsets, and other gear.

As of now, PlayStation has made no public plans for a PS5-specific VR headset.

High-end, tethered headsets offer higher resolution than early versions of the Rift.