Headstone [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Headstone:

While there’s some dispute as to where Johnson is actually buried, a headstone bearing his name and the word “Citizen” in Arlington Cemetery is widely thought to be his final resting place.

When all other service is vain from plant and tree, the soft Mosses and grey Lichens take up their watch by the headstone.

He sleeps with the undistinguishable multitude, and his headstone is lettered, "Unknown."

Above the coffin on Alderton's headstone is an ornament, apparently palms.

It is found, however, on a headstone of a somewhat weak design in Old Hornsey Churchyard.

Over the headstone presently came the knee pants, the faded calico waist with bone buttons.

"Whistle if any one comes," he said, and withdrew behind the headstone of the late Jonas Whipple.

Bradley Headstone's face had changed during this latter recital, and he had observed the speaker with a more sustained attention.

Truly, Bradley Headstone had taken careful note of the honest man's dress in the course of that night-walk they had had together.

Approaching nearer and nearer, the bargeman became Bradley Headstone, in rough water-side second-hand clothing.