Headstrong [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Headstrong:

In the Schwab novel, a headstrong young woman makes a decision she might regret for the rest of her very long life.

One of our kids is very headstrong, and my having to serve as the enforcer of rules has negatively affected our relationship.

Others are worried about the pandemic’s impact on small businesses and city finances and are headstrong on prioritizing economic recovery.

But she is a girl, and she does not mind her jack-sparrow being a trifle headstrong, if only he has a kind heart.

Then it was that the insular propensity grew impudent and headstrong, and soon became a power in the land.

He, the conqueror, the irresistible, had never before met one of this audacious and headstrong breed.

One must be pardoned for repeating the very rudiments of criticism to some of the headstrong writers of our day.

That the Bretons are faithful no one doubts; but that they are still more headstrong is a justice that none will deny them.

"Oh, the family records are very complete as to the affair of your headstrong ancestor," he explained.

Being indulged in every way, her headstrong will became intolerant of the smallest restraint.