Healers [noun]

Definition of Healers:

faith healer

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Sentence/Example of Healers:

It can not be too often repeated that this is the secret of the success of the great world healers.

They are the best sources of profit and reputation of the "healers."

This prana is what Western healers mean when they speak of "human magnetism" in their healing work.

A few of them do not sing at all, but are merely healers, although far the greater number also sing at the feasts.

Those who make a specialty of the hikuli cult are considered the greatest healers.

The priests were known as Asclepiadæ, but the name was applied in time to the healers of the temple who were not priests.

The ability to cure disease without the use of medicines or surgical appliances has been claimed by alleged healers in all ages.

However, as with other healers, practice and theory are two different things.

Some were healers, working miraculous cures in a way that I could not understand.

One of these cases may be cited as an example of the loose generalization upon which many of the claims of these healers rest.