Healing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Healing:

He said safety is the result of a commitment to rehabilitation, healing and accountability in the justice system.

The first episode features a dozen different narratives about sex outside, including one about healing from sexual trauma and a few about sexual encounters on the road.

Boss emphasized the importance of cultivating resilience and tolerance for uncertainty as part of your healing.

The church, which offers salvation for the soul, is also offering protection and healing for the physical body.

Despite the healing sound of his voice, Springsteen is ultimately preaching reconciliation without reckoning — which after January’s Capitol siege is no longer an acceptable path toward progress.

Participants can register through Eventbrite to download a free affirmations journal and Valentine’s Day card during this opportunity for self-healing and appreciation in a supportive environment.

“When it’s actually safe to go back, that’s when people will feel the healing power of sports,” Olmsted said.

As she sewed, she also began to learn more about the cells, which perform a variety of crucial jobs in the brain, including healing injuries.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she was told that trauma victims should “tell their stories” as a part of their healing.

People can and do change, and healing and forgiveness can go a long way.