Healthfulness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Healthfulness:

Nor does the healthfulness of food seem to consist wholly in its simplicity, according to old Grahamite theories.

With regard to both healthfulness and taste, they are not so desirable as the natural flavorings.

Persons wishing to settle in a country always inquire about its healthfulness.

But besides the fun and the exercise and healthfulness of the journey, a good deal of useful information was absorbed.

Even with these precautions a good deal of apprehension was felt regarding the healthfulness of the sport.

Its healthfulness is remarkable, and contributes to an extraordinary increase of population.

She passed the long hours in reading and making music, and the peaceful days had added brilliancy to her splendid healthfulness.

Any camp that falls short of this, lacks the requirements of warmth, brightness and healthfulness.

If their healthfulness had not belied the thought, I should have supposed it impossible for them to exist in such close quarters.

But we will not write an elaborate article on the healthfulness of a diet composed mainly of milk, fruits, and vegetables.