Healthily [adverb]

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We have to keep talking about our obsession with a “healthy body” being defined by what it looks like.

“I can eat really healthy right now, and it doesn’t matter,” Dalton added with a smile, “because I can’t taste it.”

In fact, the World Health Organization recently predicted that healthy young adults may not even be able to get a vaccine until 2022, after the elderly, health-care workers, and other high-risk groups are vaccinated.

Washington has been stuck in limbo since Wall’s Achilles injury, and its 2021 playoff hopes largely rest on his comeback and his ability to stay healthy.

As we prepare our nation’s recovery, women of color entrepreneurs will be one of the most important parts of a healthy economy.

His development was going to be a secondary priority for the Warriors if they were fully healthy this season, and now the 19-year-old from Memphis rises rapidly up the ranks of important figures in the franchise.

I want them both to remain healthy until we can hug without plastic between us.

So, conceptually these are all properties we desire in a healthy public conversation.

For better or worse, burgers, fries, fried chicken, roast beef sandwiches, and the like will never go out of style—this is America, after all—but consumers are increasingly gravitating towards healthier options.

Vaccines are different from other medical products in that they are deployed broadly and in healthy people, so the bar for approving one is high.