Healthiness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Healthiness:

The good news is that you can make food choices that support a healthy brain.

The USDA recently approved industry-first labeling stating that Cooks Venture poultry comes from healthier livestock than mainstream brands.

Twitter has said one of its “responsibilities is to ensure the public conversation is healthy”.

Taken together, these accounts suggest that viral myocarditis can show up even in athletes who seem healthy.

Companies and organizations that are struggling with their sense of purpose or with creating a healthy culture can also learn a lot about themselves and their purpose from an untimely death.

Even during a pandemic, Ali was focused on keeping her attention set on brining a healthy baby into the world this time.

Rapid hot-air technology means you can prepare up to 2 pounds of food sans oil, making for healthier meals.

We already mentioned how scientists at the Great Barrier Reef drew fish back to dying reefs by playing audio of a healthy reef.

Reestablishing some social, family connections around a beloved holiday is a normal, healthy instinct.

It’s not out of the question that you could end up with a vaccine that was very effective for healthy young people, but not so much for the elderly, high-risk population that really needs the protection.