Heaped [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Heaped:

Your toxic beliefs will be thrown into the ash heap of history.

In contrast to the dizzying heap of connections in real brains, DNNs typically connect different brain areas in a simple chain, from one “layer” to the next.

Just around the corner from the VA hospital where Cline worked, families huddled maskless and gabbed over heaps of pasta at the local Olive Garden.

Then heap leaves, grasses, palm fronds, or any other vegetation that is available on top.

A month later, the name was finally tossed into the trash heap of sports history.

Adequate conception of the extent, the variety, the excellence of the works of Art here heaped together is impossible.

The fire had been heaped over with earth—to screen it from prying eyes, I suppose, while the good work went on.

Broken crocks should be strewn upon the tray, and on to this is heaped peaty soil mixed with sand.

They soon had a large pile heaped up in the middle of the road which led through the forest.

He was lying, bruised and shaken, among the heaped-up débris of a ruined building.