Heaps [noun]

Definition of Heaps:

pile, accumulation

Synonyms of Heaps:

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Sentence/Example of Heaps:

More than eight times as much end up in the trash heap as in 1970, EPA data show.

Fans could get into the game for 98 cents if they brought a disco album to add to a heap that was to be blown to smithereens in the outfield.

The search for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe is overHere’s how our competitors stacked up, beginning at the bottom of the heap.

Mystifying contamination appeared at every turn, relegating tests to the trash heap.

Somewhere deep in the psycho-spiritual compost heap of his dream world, Stamets metabolized an old radical mycological solution into a new one.

There'll be heaps uh fun in the Cypress Hills country when they get t' runnin' the whisky-jacks out.

Thet's ther way they air raised; I allow white folks might take a lesson on 'em, in thet; 'n' in heaps uv other things tew.

But, underfoot, beyond question, lay nothing but the broken heaps of stones that betokened a building long since crumbled to dust.

It is likewise formed daring the decay of animal and vegetable matters, and is consequently evolved from dung and compost heaps.

A crust of bread and clear air are far preferable to luxuries enveloped in clouds of smoke and heaps of filth.