Hearers [noun]

Definition of Hearers:

group observing an entertainment or sporting event

Synonyms of Hearers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hearers:


Sentence/Example of Hearers:

If Alfaretta had tried she couldn't have hit upon a more terrifying word to her hearer.

“This accompanied it,” said Winifred, with a restraint that might have warned her hearer of the passion it strove to conceal.

Thus a cry of warning may be so modulated as to indicate to the hearer, "Beware, a lion is coming!"

Here they drew off, and their apparently disinterested hearer turned the page of his paper.

At the flash of his eyes, bright as carbuncles, a fire seemed to burn to each hearer's deepest soul.

He did not fail (as his mother might have done) to perceive that his words pained and mortified his hearer.

Probably in complete unconsciousness that any hearer was at hand, this somebody was singing softly as he came.

It was a rough-looking fellow who told him his brief story, but the hearer listened with attention and his face became grave.

His speeches have a freedom and a rhythmical flow which captivate the hearer.

Many years later we shall find a reference to this, the watchword of the young hearer's life.