Hearsay [noun]

Definition of Hearsay:

unsubstantiated information

Synonyms of Hearsay:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hearsay:

Sentence/Example of Hearsay:

More to the point, legal actions that didn’t directly involve you, secondhand observations about how “disabled” she truly was, and your suspicions about how she got this job are all hearsay and speculation.

It is all hearsay, and not even necessarily hearsay that bolsters the point.

Weidenthaler, through his attorney, has asked the judge to rule that the text conversation is hearsay and should be excluded as evidence.

Herodotus’ description was based on hearsay, travelers’ tales and a heavy dose of folklore, she says.

If Paul ever lived, which none can prove and many deny, his evidence for the Resurrection was only hearsay evidence.

Oral evidence may be admitted to establish the location of monuments, and even hearsay evidence may be used for the purpose.

Much of the evidence, however, was secondary or hearsay evidence.

I have given him full powers, and still hope that he will agree with Hearsay on tolerable terms.

The objection to the exclusion of hearsay evidence is equally unfounded.

But Nanny visited no one, and so Jess only knew her by hearsay.