Heartache [noun]

Definition of Heartache:

anguish, sorrow

Synonyms of Heartache:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heartache:

Sentence/Example of Heartache:

No stadium required During a major sporting event, fans look for a place to go — somewhere to share their joy or heartache with other fans.

She said she and her co-workers could have avoided heartache if the company had simply addressed her questions and found FDA-authorized masks back in May.

I'll wager those are seniors, who already feel a little heartache because their college years are so nearly over.

Should he condemn himself and Doris Cleveland to heartache and loneliness because of a technicality?

So there my darling boat lay idly in the lagoon—a useless thing, whose sight filled me with heartache and despair.

Her position is not a happy one, but she must smile and be gay and hide her heartache.

But the great happiness that was Roland's was not without its heartache.

In half an hour Dotty had such a look of heartache in her face that Prudy longed to comfort her, only speech was forbidden.

But the sweetness of her nearness could not for him wipe out the fact that before them lay parting and long heartache.

I hope neither of you girls will ever experience the hopelessness, the heartache conveyed in those words.