Heartbreak [noun]

Definition of Heartbreak:

mental or emotional misery

Synonyms of Heartbreak:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heartbreak:

Sentence/Example of Heartbreak:

The heartbreak isn’t from him not playing football anymore or anything like that.

To be a physician that has spent your whole life taking care of patients, holding patients’ hands when they’re at the end of their life, crying with the patient’s family, and to not be able to be with my father was the biggest heartbreak of all.

Think of Harrison Ford finding love with a replicant in Blade Runner or Joaquin Phoenix mending his heartbreak with a digital assistant in Her.

His grief is filtered through the breakup metaphor — a concept he borrowed from Qawwali music and Sufi poetry, both of which are “very big” on analogies of estrangement and heartbreak — but no less palpable.

“It’s a heartbreak looking for a place to happen,” says Lise Buyer, the founder of Glass V Group, a consultancy that provides advice about public listing.

There were plenty of failures, a lot of heartbreak and profanity, an occasional injury—but they kept going, and they got there.

Somewhere in the bushes, someone began to play a kazoo, adding the final touch of melancholy and heartbreak to the music.

Im sorry, said Lois, wondering at her power of suspending a heartbreak, but we havent a drop left in the house.

We need not consider how much struggle and heartbreak had gone into meeting that schedule.

David M. Osborne backed a new self-binder, lost a million, and died of heartbreak.