Heartbreaking [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Heartbreaking:

Kaufman is so tightly associated with a kind of brain-twisting, darkly comical metaphysical and existential style that it’s possible to talk about movies being “Kaufman-esque,” meaning they’re weird, a bit confusing, and usually pretty heartbreaking.

It felt to Frailey like a heartbreaking and incomplete way to end a years-long relationship.

She said she found claims about the show’s environment to be “heartbreaking,” the trade publication said, citing unidentified sources.

It’s a heartbreaking conceit, but it’s hard to plan for a future that doesn’t feel guaranteed.

Personally, it is very frustrating and heartbreaking to hear their stories.

Since January I have had two severe illnesses, my boy, and some heartbreaking anxiety over Fanny; and am only now convalescing.

It is heartbreaking to see them die here like dogs, with no one to say Godspeed.

He was interrupted by a cry, a single shrill, heartbreaking cry; and Philip fell senseless to the ground.

It was a long, discouraging, heartbreaking struggle by which he gained his first vantage-ground.

It is heartbreaking to see the thousands and thousands of bright-eyed boys and girls growing up amid such hopeless surroundings.