Heartbroken [adjective]

Definition of Heartbroken:


Synonyms of Heartbroken:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heartbroken:


Sentence/Example of Heartbroken:

“Coco had just been lost and heartbroken without her,” Rountree said.

The owner of the company recently passed away, and we are heartbroken and completely freaked out.

Harbaugh’s voice has reached the back end of wearied, Herman’s the middle of heartbroken, Frost’s the front edge of sameness.

When nurses called this Monday to say that she had tested positive, the younger McAlpin said she was heartbroken but not surprised.

My daughter is heartbroken, disappointed and a little angry, too.

My SROs would be heartbroken, I will be disappointed, but I will respect the decision.

Just as we started out of Jackson the conductor led in a young woman sobbing in a heartbroken manner.

He stood before me the most woebegone, heartbroken man I ever saw.

He retires, abashed and heartbroken, and Castero takes his place.

And so the poor old heartbroken creature had to go to the Governor and get the old man pardoned out.