Heartened [verb]

Definition of Heartened:

raise someone's spirits

Synonyms of Heartened:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heartened:

Sentence/Example of Heartened:

Ghabboun has been heartened by the outpouring of support, but he also hopes that others caught on the punitive end of the unemployment system can get access to the same specialized assistance that he has.

She had been heartened by how well some of her students took to remote learning — one girl flourished in the role of class moderator, overseeing the online chat box.

But the sight of a fireplace and plenty of dry wood ready to flame up at the spurt of a match heartened them somewhat.

Whereupon, like Drake's men, heartened by prayer, they rose from their knees again to take another pull on the rope.

He patted Dafydd's shoulder and arm reassuringly, and perhaps felt heartened by his own words.

Glorious news heartened White and myself during the period of waiting for the Red Cross ship to sail.

Heartened by this circumstance Bertold and his followers returned to the attack when the diet met at Augsburg in 1500.

He was heartened, and went about the ship looking less like a malefactor doomed to execution.

Somewhat heartened by this reunion, they continued their journey and at length reached The Dalles.

He was so buoyant and charming he heartened you like Spring sunshine, and braced you like a morning wind on the mountain top.