Heartening [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Heartening:

That’s heartening news for snow-sport businesses — and for people who are discovering their nearby trails, since the activity can help initiate and maintain longevity-boosting behaviors.

That’s up 16 percent from 2016, another heartening statistic.

Only by a nimble maneuver did I escape being tripped; but it was heartening to know Patricia could respond to my needs.

Several American officers have come to us on a visit, and the stories they bring of preparations at home are very heartening.

These heartening recollections made me forget the loss of Twist, the recalcitrant cow, and the dilemma that confronted me.

This explained us pretty well, I thought, and we got most heartening coffee and a cart to a little roadside station.

In a crisis like the present, moments drag like hours, and the firing line needed heartening.

While the life-tide was at its ebb and I was querulous and helpless weak, he was my leech and nurse and heartening friend in one.

Queen Dulness herself is characteristically described as heartening and harking forward her legions with pure noise.

Let us carefully note this, and let us observe its heartening significance.