Hearties [noun]

Definition of Hearties:

person who travels by sea

Synonyms of Hearties:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hearties:


Sentence/Example of Hearties:

Now then, my hearties, you're fairly cornered, and the wisest thing for you to do is to cave.

"Vast heaving, my hearties, while the cook thinks," cried the carpenter.

"Heave ho, my hearties," cried Jim as we pulled up our stone anchors.

"That's it, my hearties," and Morgan was across a broken wall in a moment, after the leading hounds.

If you, my hearties, won't work your fair time for your fair wage, there are others who will.

No one but a John Bull or a Yankee would bring his ship along like that; take my word for it, my hearties!

I'll tell you, my hearties, Daggs has gathered up a pretty lot of rascals in this crew.

Right foot on right rib of the boat, and left foot on the left rib—bend into it, my hearties, bend!

(the old man never thought he had begun until he had thrown off a heyday or so), “heyday, my hearties!”

“Bear a hand, my hearties,” cried the captain, as the men sprang to the boats which were swinging at the davits.