Heartily [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Heartily:

If you are young and looking for work, I heartily recommend that you ask for help.

They had a repast together, and Aguinaldo called for cheers for Spain, in which all heartily joined.

Aunt Ri was looking forward to the rest with great anticipation; she was heartily tired of being on the move.

Quickly seeing his confusion, they laughed long and heartily among themselves.

“Mr. Pickwick, I thank you most heartily for all your kindness to my son,” said old Mr. Winkle, in a bluff straightforward way.

Of this meal all heartily partook, for a Korean is never guilty of having a poor appetite.

This sally drew forth a general laugh, in which Miss Watling joined as heartily as the rest.

After the surrender of Comyn and his adherents in February 1303–4, he threw himself heartily into the pursuit of Wallace.

The king heartily pledged him, thanked him for his good cheer, and departed undiscovered.

My directors heartily approved and other interviews followed.