Heartiness [noun]

Definition of Heartiness:


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Sentence/Example of Heartiness:

Donny answered with the heartiness of a child who has been brought up to think of others.

The girls often visited the mine and were always greeted with the utmost heartiness by its owners.

Blunt as Ethel was, her heartiness of manner gave a sense of real progress in friendship.

The youth, with no great spirit nor heartiness in his movements, did as directed, and the boom came inboard.

But the work they do is noble, and its nobility consists in its freedom, its heartiness, its strict devotion to truth.

But he looked the picture both of courtesy and heartiness as he held out a hand to Hal.

Perhaps, gruff heartiness notwithstanding, they felt that they were guests who should have been hosts.

There was nothing of genuine American heartiness in the handshake he gave Frank.

Let us all the rather make up now by heartiness for all lost time.

Many a time I have spoken with him at Hendry's gate, and felt the better of his heartiness.