Heartlessness [noun]

Definition of Heartlessness:

lack of compassion

Synonyms of Heartlessness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heartlessness:

Sentence/Example of Heartlessness:

The essay was thus an apology for the heartlessness of the rich.

There were times when she wavered in her conviction of his heartlessness.

Disgusted with the selfish heartlessness of society, Joab shambled off and was passing the scratching-post without noticing her.

Sam, with a boy's heartlessness, was fairly rolling on the ground with laughter at Henry's appearance.

She had the same affliction, the same heartlessness, the same habit of taking life with a laugh—as if life is a pill!

They'll soon pick up on this ranch, but really I think they ought to be punished for their heartlessness.

We will waste on such a type of heartlessness as few words as possible: let his conduct show the man.

Who more sorry for the righteous and necessary doom which the impenitence of heartlessness drags down upon itself?

He dances with one, neglects another, and multiplies his conquests with all the heartlessness of a gentleman.

It is a warm and pleasant refuge from the bleak heartlessness and merciless activity of a great city.