Heartrending [adjective]

Definition of Heartrending:

arousing deep sympathy

Synonyms of Heartrending:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heartrending:

Sentence/Example of Heartrending:

As she twisted his great red ear, the agonized cries of Johnny became heartrending.

The unfortunate sufferers presented a heartrending picture, worthy of the painter of the Deluge.

She spent days in worshipping the small divinity of his person, and in the contemplation of his heartrending human attributes.

This was really heartrending when the difference in fare for three persons would be at least twenty dollars.

I saw none of those heartrending tragic scenes of parting, none of the wild grief that grows so much wilder for being indulged.

She gave it with a heartrending impulsiveness throwing back her head suddenly and leaning her bosom on mine.

The groans of the wounded were heartrending; the dead could no longer speak.

A wet blanket of so terrible a size was in itself pernicious to the Cabinet, and heartrending to the poor Duke.

It was a heartrending picture of sorrow and despair, and Mr. Murray could not witness it unmoved.

And Mikko, beginning with a little whimpering sound, slowly rose to a high heartrending cry.