Heartsick [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Heartsick:

In truth, he did feel rather tired, and even a little heartsick.

These loud cannon make me heartsick, and yet I am so excited!

There was no question that our ranks were demoralised and heartsick.

Shading his eyes from the light, he peered below, and through the semi-darkness saw a sight that made him heartsick and disgusted.

A moment more and he stood in her presence, mute, shocked, heartsick at the change that this month of agony had wrought in her.

Heartsick, Katharine Comstock tried to prove to herself that she was justified in what she had done, but she could not.

Besides, I've a raging headache, and I'm too utterly heartsick even to resent your insults.

Easton had deferred his advent so long that Mamise and Davidge had come almost to yearn for him with heartsick eagerness.

Suddenly he felt thrown back upon himself, heartsick and cold.

Disillusioned and heartsick, she was for the first time sadly disappointed in her dearest friend.