Heathens [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Heathens:

But to wave this discourse of Heathens, how many self-contradicting principles are there held among Christians?

In reference to these heathens the command had been given, "Thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor with their gods."

And he commanded them, saying: Take ye the charge of this people; but make no war against the heathens, till we return.

But he threw down the altars which the heathens had set up in the streets, as also the temples of the idols.

I wondered what he would think of the influence of trade on red heathens at war when he regained his senses!

The school at the nearest town is broken up, and Mrs. W. says the children are growing up heathens.

He said it warn't no use talking, heathens don't amount to shucks alongside of pirates to work a camp-meeting with.

"Here, then, is your tangible proof of immortality," he said to the heathens.

The festivals of the heathens were many, as almost every deity was allowed sacred honours.

These heathens believed devils had bodies as well as souls, and that, although immortal, they had the same passions as men.