Heaths [noun]

Definition of Heaths:

grassy field

Synonyms of Heaths:

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Sentence/Example of Heaths:

Every big-money free agent signing in every baseball offseason is a leap of faith to some degree — an investment of tens of millions of dollars based largely on past performance, with no guarantee of future heath or production.

The Medicare program sets prices that have effects across the heath care system.

A delightful instance of this fell under my own observation, as I was walking on Hampstead Heath.

It was a strange story, at any rate, his finding the dead woman and the child out on the heath.

Crossing the heath, her pathway lay near the spot where she had been found, clinging to the bosom of her dead mother.

Nance Watling has been turning everything upside down at the Heath Farm.

A severe attack of fever and ague was the result of Dorothy passing the night upon the heath.

I cannot think of father being out at night, and on such a night as this, on that lonely heath, without a shudder.

I wor amaist blinded wi' snow, coming ow'r that confounded heath.

"Some one has lost their way on the heath," said Dorothy, laying her hand upon the strong iron bolt that secured the door.