Heavers [noun]

Definition of Heavers:

implement for shooting weapon

Synonyms of Heavers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heavers:


Sentence/Example of Heavers:

He was drinking beer like a coal-heaver, and yet you couldn't but perceive that he was a gentleman.

In this rickety, filthy, old tenement the coal-heaver rented two rooms on the third floor.

It is somewhere said in that work that the wife of a coal-heaver is more respectable than the mistress of a prince.

He said he would have been a coal-heaver rather than be dependent upon his relations.

He once hired himself as a potman, and then as a coal-heaver.

It was hers to dwell in a radiant mid-ether, neither to mount to heaver nor descend to hell.

He had no cause to love the provincial coal-heaver who had raised a raucous voice to threaten him.

A grunt or an oath were the usual replies, but no one took any further notice of the gigantic coal-heaver and his ragged friends.

Brent looked more like a coal heaver than a public servant with a well-oiled escalator into the White House.

No doubt if I were a coal-heaver by day, my wife would see to the fire after dinner while I wrote letters.