Hecklers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hecklers:

In Las Vegas, Clark County election officials dealt with so many hecklers and protesters that they increased security at their counting center.

Then the bearded attorney, whose fame was secure as a heckler of witnesses, rose dramatically from his chair.

He wondered, at first in a vague sort of way, why he was such an ardent heckler.

As a heckler he was something fearsome; they had to seat him on the platform for to keep him quiet.

He was a stout man, dressed in a dark jacket, and had the appearance of a heckler.

He was a stout man dressed in a drab jacket and had the appearance of a heckler.

In 1654 the spire was destroyed by lightning; the skilful architect Heckler was obliged to rebuild it sixty five feet high.

I was an uncommon grand hand at the bools mysel, and could throw the ba as far as Robbie King the heckler—ye mind, Tammie?

If he had been a mere tow-heckler, I suspect he would never have possessed six hundred shillings.

Homer Crawford drifted away again before the heckler recovered.