Heckles [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Heckles:

Upon an oblong plank a b, two circular or square blocks of wood c and d are fixed, in which the heckle teeth stand upright.

Whenever one half of the length of the strake of flax is heckled, it is turned round to heckle the other half.

It is next to be beaten, and passed once or twice over an ordinary heckle or stiff brush.

They set aside all thought of assisting their hapless brothers and sisters, while they heckle their unfortunate governors.

Heckling is combing it with a heckle or wooden comb; binnings are halters for cattle made of sprit or rushes.

Every well conducted banquet should include a special committee to heckle the guests of honor.

A few Southern sympathizers who attempted to heckle the speakers were quickly shouted down.

He loathes the town and longs for his village; he had intended to heckle the speakers if they discussed anything but peace.

We must heckle candidates as to their 'science,' and ascertain if their wind is good, and whether they are active on their pins.

A knot of the younger element tried to heckle Percy, but he strode loftily by them, puffing his inevitable cigarette.