Hectoring [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Hectoring:

Such a person is usually hectoring towards his inferiors and servile to those above him.

I choose between a man of courtesy and a silly, hectoring boy.

But there was that in the hectoring tone of Gilbert Scarlett which he did not like.

He had been sternly prohibited from "hectoring" the little maid, and the prohibition sat heavily upon him.

He hath a loud and hectoring voice; he assumes, to suit his own purposes, the possession of learning and piety.

As for you'—he turned hectoring to the proud girl—'As for you, mistress, keep the house.

And I'll take down that hectoring Nabob, and prevent him from being made a greater fool than he is.

Derby's inquiry was plainly merely a hectoring of Russell for his quick shift from the position taken a month earlier.

There was such a contrast in his gentleness to the hectoring she had just undergone, that she yielded in spite of herself.

Spoken against bullies who kept a great hectoring, and yet, when put to it, tamely pocket an affront--(Kelly).