Hedonistic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Hedonistic:

We must allow again for the intermingling of moral with purely hedonistic preferences in the estimate of common sense.

I owe the suggestion of this mode of interpreting the hedonistic calculus of utilitarianism to Dr. Wesley Mitchell.

Spencer is involved in effect in most of the confusions and contradictions of hedonistic psychology.

A ward with a comfortable bed seemed to me quite safe enough, and I spent the night with three equally hedonistic companions.

Not that the pursuit of pleasure or the avoidance of pain can be the unbroken motive-force even of the most hedonistic among us.

Business—yes, business; something belonging to the economic, hedonistic order, although transcendental.

And certainly, no well-born American could unite with an art more hedonistic than Beverly's the old school and the nouveau jeu!

Hedonistic ethics have always had to struggle against the moral sense of mankind.

An economic datum is not then a hedonistic datum, nor, in general, a mechanical datum.

Anyone who has rightly understood the principle of hedonistic economics must answer no.