Heedful [adjective]

Definition of Heedful:


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Sentence/Example of Heedful:

Mrs. Wemmick, more heedful of the future, put her white gloves in her pocket and assumed her green.

And in good sooth I thank thee for thy heedful care of me, and wish I were better worth it.

Of these she had already shown herself sufficiently heedful and solicitous.

When ye settled up accounts with thet outfit, ye kain't skeercely be too heedful.

It is because these poets have been more heedful than we to the never-ending shadow.

"Milk and sugar, thank you," said Ravenslee, heedful of her deepened colour.

The writer's remarks upon the tendency of modern literature, and of the taste for which it caters, are worthy of heedful note.

Now let thine eyes wait heedful on my words, And note thou of this just and pious realm The chiefest nobles.

It was simply providential that the instincts of the horse were more heedful than the eyes of the horseman.

Probably he was the less heedful, inasmuch as he was not very carefully paid.