Heedfully [adverb]

Definition of Heedfully:

with compassion

Opposite/Antonyms of Heedfully:

Sentence/Example of Heedfully:

He looked under the sharp of his hand heedfully, then he turned unto her and said: By All-hallows!

Somerset heedfully remarked that he thought he recognized that name Power, as one he had seen lately, somewhere or other.

For language hath not sounds more like in sense, Than are these chances, if the origin And end of each be heedfully compar'd.

The articles heedfully concealed by the elder Sir Ralph were of no small value.

Captive, indeed, he had been among men,—but a captive always highly valued and heedfully cared for.

Even from such enlightenment as they might find at the shrine of their faith, his people are heedfully kept away.

And thereafter he was taken out of the bath, and laid in a goodly bed which was dight right heedfully.

As he ate, his vigilant eyes looked heedfully around the room.

Knowing that the Dragoons were going away, Anne had slept heedfully, and was at once awakened by the smart notes.

I watched him heedfully, and after a moment's hesitation I told him that it had been taken from me, and I told him when and where.