Heeding [verb]

Definition of Heeding:

give care, thought to

Opposite/Antonyms of Heeding:

Sentence/Example of Heeding:

But Tressan, without heeding him, was already ordering the sergeant to ride hard with his troopers for the Champs aux Capuchins.

Marius, without further heeding him, stepped to mademoiselle's door and rapped on a panel with brisk knuckles.

"It was this very letter which determined me to hurry on our wedding," said Count Fenix, without heeding the interruption.

They listen, half-heeding, to the protests and laments; they could not help it, they explain—the music took hold of them.

She pulled two roses from the stem, never heeding the thorns, and gazed intently at them.

But without heeding this the Assembly conferred upon the Supreme Court the power of injunction.

I inwardly cursed the writer of that alchemistic letter, and cursed myself for heeding the contents.

For six years I had not danced before; it was new fruit, and I took my fill of it, without heeding much what was passing.

"You must go to London," Peter said without heeding this remark.

Sandy (without heeding his words, but regarding him affectionately).