Hegemony [noun]

Definition of Hegemony:


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Sentence/Example of Hegemony:

Washington must not permit China to gain regional hegemony over its neighbors nor allow it to establish exclusionary or discriminatory trade blocs.

Why he appropriated for Italy the revolutionary hegemony, he would have found it difficult to give a convincing reason.

In reality it was far more, because it gave the hegemony of continental Europe to Prussia.

The Athenian “hegemony” in its earlier and later phases had an important financial side.

And it seemed that only a short ladder lay between the preparation room and the Anglo-Saxon hegemony of the globe.

She aimed at overthrowing the present status quo in the Balkans, and establishing her own hegemony there.

The day of German hegemony is past, and no German plenipotentiary will be able again to impose his will by the same methods.

Subsequent events confirmed and strengthened the French hegemony.

No; I will not agitate for extermination of the Government and hegemony over the Mob.

The hegemony was not secure, nor did it embrace all of the semi-civilized peoples.