Heightened [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Heightened:

It was precisely the kind of wildland-urban interface that all the studies I read blamed for heightening Californians’ exposure to climate risks.

Without the law, new internet companies would have more difficulty getting aloft, while established platforms would block many more posts in response to heightened litigation risks.

I think they’ve handled this moment with a lot of grace and dignity, and it is heightening awareness of the need to stick with solutions.

The roll-out heightens Walmart’s competition with Amazon as retailers of all types try to capitalize on soaring consumer interest in e-commerce during the pandemic.

Amid concerns over police brutality and pandemic-heightened economic anxiety, cities have seen scattered outbreaks of violence and looting in recent months.

It’s heightened the importance of strong online transactions and proven brands with the strongest relationship with their customers are in a far better position to manage going forward.

The change was visible in his heightened colour, in his flashing eyes, and in his twitching mustachios.

As I turn to her, I am struck by the peculiar gleam in her eyes and the heightened color.

“I shall like it of all things,” he cried, with sparkling eyes and heightened colour.

Facing Mildred, whose color was heightened by the intensity  of her emotion, he began softly to play.