Heightens [verb]

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These concerns are heightened by the FDA’s premature EUA of hydroxychloroquine prior to testing last spring, an approval the FDA later withdrew.

A pandemic-induced economic collapse will only heighten the vulnerabilities and speed the transition, reducing to nothing whatever thin margin of financial protection has kept people in place.

Long-term care residents also are at heightened risk of institutional abuse and neglect.

They say the fact that the utility is getting out of the power-buying business, and will be relying on the 10 percent return it gets to build things, heightens the importance of the charge.

Instead, an unusual number of problems have occurred — some serious enough that they have made it harder for people to vote and even put them at a heightened risk for infection.

Amid the pandemic and declining economy comes heightened concerns from local officials and homeless service providers that homelessness could rise across the San Diego region.

She is sometimes tempted to heighten a little the incidents, in order to get on a little better, and to make more impression.

After the feeling had come to her, to heighten the sensation she espied a little card hung under the small mirror on the wall.

The youthful pair start beneath the smile of a blue sky, flecked with milk-while clouds merely to heighten the effect.

I cannot say that it will increase our pleasure, but it will certainly heighten the interest of the morning excursion.