Heights [noun]

Definition of Heights:

altitude, top part

Synonyms of Heights:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heights:

Sentence/Example of Heights:

Directors were to us junior clerks, remote personalities, mythical beings dwelling on Olympian heights.

The sun had risen, when the equipage that contained Louis de Montemar, ascended the mountainous heights of the Guadarama.

On such occasions his unfaltering impudence reached heights truly sublime.

He had gone into camp with some other lads of the Heights and had himself almost forgotten his home in the fun of that outing.

For one deathless moment his genius had carried him to the heights, and a white blaze of publicity had given him a halo of glory.

They gained the heights at last, and Rabecque got down to beat with his whip upon the convent gates.

And yet the croaking of the frogs may reach the eagle's aerie, and disturb the peace of the heights.

Yet, if unperturbed thou canst,Standing on the heights above, Plunge thy vision in the abyss—Read in me and learn to love.

There was the water, sparkling clear, and a monstrous wave that lifted itself up to mountainous heights.

The young fisherman is seated upon the rocky heights above the sea before the beautiful woman he loves.