Heinie [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Heinie:

If you fling your grenade too soon a Heinie is liable to pick it up and throw it back at you before it goes off.

"Laugh ahead, Heinie," remarked Frank, though he knew the man could probably not understand him.

"Even a Heinie can see through a milestone when there's a hole in it," commented Billy, as he watched the enemy retreating.

Heinie Metzger ain't shrewd—he just thinks he is—and people have taken him at his own valuation.

Others, bored with the club dance, had come to Heinie's for more fling than dancing afforded.

"Some one of your men must have gone a long way over Heinie's lines," remarked Jack to one of the French officers.

We were put there for the purpose of announcing "Heinie" if he should call again.

The boys started to fall and all that was heard was, "I'm hit," or "Heinie got me."

And Heinie with fingernails growing where his collar button should be?

He had just arrived in his new home (or hole) when "Heinie" duplicated the order, which hit on the edge of the first hole.