Heinously [adverb]

Definition of Heinously:


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Sentence/Example of Heinously:

God grant, my dearest young lady, that he may not have so heinously offended you that you cannot forgive him!

Our young officer went into the woods in the condition of Falstaff, "heinously unprovided."

It was like Charity to believe that she had sinned heinously when she had simply neglected an opportunity for self-sacrifice.

Little did I know why you took a joke on your cousin so heinously amiss!

With a fair trial he will be found guilty, though not so heinously criminal as many suppose.

There is no one article of this world's comforts with which, as Falstaff says, they are so heinously unprovided.

I told you in my last how heinously I am unprovided with the means of being so, having long since sent all my books to market.

Those commands were very exceptional that were in Falstaff's condition, "heinously unprovided with a thief."