Heiresses [noun]

Definition of Heiresses:

person who has possession of

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Sentence/Example of Heiresses:

Old Mrs. Wurzel and the buxom but not too well-favoured heiress of the house of Grains were at the head of the table.

It had come into the family through the marriage of a former earl with the heiress of the great Chudleigh family.

Mrs. Barford, as a country heiress, had received a boarding-school education, and was very superior to Letty in every respect.

This is the time when he was in correspondence with Modeste Mignon and wished to espouse that rich heiress.

Janet Marward, heiress and titular baroness of Skryne in Meath, a manor worth some 200l.

William Nugent married the heiress without her own consent or that of her friends.

I am the daughter of the Baron de Mridor—that is to say, the only heiress of one of the noblest and oldest names in Anjou.

To allow the heiress to the Crown to marry a Carlist seemed the surest way to reopen civil war, and upset the dynasty once more.

Here, Miss Estill, is what makes you the greatest heiress in this western land!

Mark what I have done,—my heiress in Toulouse could hold her head beside the Greek, and no shame to either.